Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moving on...

It has occured to me that the blog 'Road Trip USA' isn't all that appropriate anymore. I feel that part of our life has come to it's natural end and we can't hide from that fact any longer. We never knew 'how' the trip would end. I always dreaded the idea that flights would be booked back to England and Harvey would be off to the knackers yard, no longer part of our family. But then I never was very good at facing up to these things, though it's gotta be said the path we're taking isn't exactly an easy option in itself.

And so the path to Canada beckoned. Immigration into Canada is far from easy. The current wait times for a federal application processed in London is 4-5 years and from all accounts getting longer by the day. Still that little nugget chugs along in the clockwork of London CIC. And our road trip ground to a standstill in British Columbia - our new home of choice! Basically if we can find a job and have a few bits of paper signed by the future employer there are ways and means of getting here somewhat quicker. In the short term as a temporary worker (being able to start work in as little as 3 weeks) and in the longer term as a permanent resident (that old application gets hauled out of the dusty cupboard to be processed with priority). Different options. Different choices to be made.

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  1. Mixed emotions here; I can't believe we've really come to the end of our 'gap year'. After almost four years of mostly ups with the occasional down on the road with Harvey, we've finally found our own piece of paradise in which to grow old rather ungracefully. Yet like you say; there never really was a definitive end date, rather a slow realisation that we're not road trippin' anymore. All the best with the new blog, (I knoe how hard you worked on the last one!) and I look forward to the same witty entertaining drivel as before. (Even if the real witty stuff was actually mine!)
    Always your PP xxx


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