Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She got a job... more 'retirement' for me. Hence we haven't been doing all that much with life other than making 2 twee little matching lunch-boxes, sharing rides to work and coming home to a cold house (bought a programmable thermostat tonight - seriously that's how exciting work is?!) This weekend we're all set for a trip to the big city - the Vancouver Bike show, and of course any trip to the lower mainland wouldn't be complete without a shopping spree at my favourite big blue and yellow store *wink*!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Snowshoeing @ Telemark
Not really any snow here at home so we went off in search of the white stuff to play in! First stop was Telemark at Crystal Mountain where I hired snowshoes (someone got his own pair for Chrismas!), a bargain $5 for a trail passes and we were all set. We made sure to get kitted up in our snowshoes out of sight of a very busy XC arena (several hundred people in some competition or other!) - I had no idea whether I'd fall flat on my face at my first attempt at moving but they were so light and not at all cumbersome and I managed to only trip myself up once on the whole outing!

Snowshoeing @ Telemark
It was such a lovely snowy winter wonderland all around us. We ventured off the trails for a bit in some fantastic deep powder snow but with no idea of where we were heading we reluctantly turned back for the main trail. What a fantastic way to spend the morning. Once we returned to the chalet the competition was wrapping up and the hot dogs were a'cookin' on the deck - what a welcome smell to our rumbling tummies!

Snowshoeing @ Telemark
On the way home, around dusk we went in search of suitable sledding hills. Having got a new go-faster sled at Christmas we were itching to test it out. In the end we ended up back at home, got a couple of quick runs down a rather steep hill a couple of roads further up the hill than us. Then as we parked the car in the garage realised the potential of the slope down the side of the house leading to the basement access. It's short and not much of a hill but if you take a running dive at it you can reach the basement door!!lol!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

chute lake,penticton,kvr,new year,snow,atv
We saw the new year in with friends James, Lorrie & Alex at a little wooden cabin in the woods at Chute Lake - high in the hills above Lake Okanagan. Just lovely. We'd borrowed a couple of ATV's too and spent the afternoon of the 31st and morning of the 1st whizzing around the forest trails deep in snow. Of course as darkness fell we retreated inside to a blazing fire and a few games of pictionary. It was a long evening of drinking and so I have to admit staying up till midnight was a tall order. We did all make it - a quick swig of bubbly and then off to bed! Chris and I bagged the cozy bed right by the ancient wood stove in the main room of the cabin. It was what you'd call rustic, and with the temperatures we had no running water inside. Chris spent about 2 hours the next morning cooking us all bacon and egg sarnies - wood stoves aren't the easiest to temperature control, especially when hungover!

I got home to read numerous blog posts proclaiming one little word for the year, resolutions, changes to be made blah blah. I'm not into that. I'm happy right now to be where I am and living this life every day and that's good enough for me (but I did manage to clear my inbox today!!)
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