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Better than Christmas!

Last week our boxes turned up from the UK - 37 of them, 6 cubic metres and 1039kg of stuff! It really was the best Christmas present ever! To have all our belongings in one place, unpacked for the first time LONG time! (about 6 years!) I was beside myself with excitement. As soon as I got word that it was in the city in the bonded warehouse we then had to visit customs to 'clear' it all and get a release note. Then Chris and Gord packed it into a trailer and brought it back to the house where I was waiting with baited breathe and eager unpacking hands!!
I am amazed at how well everything travelled - all things considered (and given a couple of nasty looking snags in the packaging from the fork lift). My parents really are the greatest international packers ever - my painting was perfectly wrapped and intact and I wasted no time positioning it on the mantle - the first time it's ever been hung in our own home since Chris bought it for my 30th Birthday!

By the time Chris got home from work that evening around 1/2 the boxes were unpacked and flattened ready for recycling (I'm feeling reckless - we're throwing away packaging supplies - these same supplies have survived us 3 international moves! - but I really do like it HERE) After enlisting his help pretty much all the others were done by bedtime! (I LOVE unpacking!!, sorting, putting away! - I sent Chris out for take-out so I didn't have to waste time cooking!)
I didn't say I was a tidy unpacker...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I have been humming this all day! There are worse songs to have on the brain, and it was quite the soundtrack to doing a few more bits of decorating for the season!

Today I broke out the vinyl for my Silhouette machine and made snowflakes for the windows - I think they look great! A few other bits of handmade goodness for the house are the lovely pine cone-like balls I made last weekend - actually at a class at the local scrapbook store. The Christmas tree was made with strips of Basic Grey's Eskimo Kisses paper - I actually finished that off when we were still in the RV but it has found it's new home on the mantle.
Xmas Decs
And my 'piece de resistance' (even if I do say so myself) is the wall hanging. I'm so happy with it. I'd actually already made a similar version for my Secret Santa gift partner and struggled to part with it so I had to do one for us too!
Xmas Wall Hanging
And of course it's advent! Yay! Advent calendar chocolates for breakfast for the next 24 days!
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