Saturday, March 28, 2009

Change is good...apparently

Once again our lives are changing. This is our final weekend in the house and most of belongings are packed. It's sad to be going and right now it doesn't even feel that exciting to be setting off again (I know we'll be loving it again once we're gone) I've been so comfortable and cosy in the house, I've enjoying being a homemaker. From here we visit Chris's Mum in Cheltenham, then Thursday we fly to Dublin for our anniversary weekend. Then back again and 3 nights with my Mum & Dad then off to Seattle...phew..busy huh?!

Last weekend we cleared out some of our stuff at a car boot sale. SUCH fun! We had glorious weather which helps when you're sat around for 5 hours at Cheltenham racecourse and we made £85 and like I said got rid of a box or 2 of unwanted stuff! I've also squeezed in some scrapbooking the last couple of weeks. Went to a crop last weekend at Paper Arts so got a few layouts completed;This is only a year behind schedule. Photos from our trip to Amsterdam last winter we were home! Christmas Lunch in the Mills household... With Mum waking up ill on Christmas day and not making it out of bed the task of cooking lunch for 13 fell to Chris, Dad and I. We pulled it off, even if it was 3 hours late!I am not Irish, and I didn't even want to go out on the night of St Patricks Day, but Ian was visiting us and fancied a pint, and one thing led to another....We acquired St Paddys Day hats, lumnious glow sticks and a few too many pints inside. But it was a fun evening and Ian took these reputation-damaging photos on his iPhone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 things...

3 New toys to play with...

We picked up our new lens from the post office today - a 50mm f/1.4 which already we love! This is the first prime lens we've ever had - it's kinda wierd for us to not have that capability to zoom in some form or another but I do love the blur on the backgrounds when taking still life or portraits. (no doubt there is a techinal term for that blur!!)

I finally got to drive the car for the first time since we've been back! This is our old car - the Mercedes SLK, the one we debated over colour, extras, finishes etc when ordering it back in 2002 (gosh it sounds so old!) We sold to my Mum and Dad and they are great enough to lend it back to us when we're around. But their insurance didn't allow under 35 year old drivers! And yesterday I drove all the way to Tesco. And it is a lousy uncomfortable ride as a passenger but I do oh so love driving it! Top down, good music through the Bose speakers - this is the life. (Until I got to the gas station and couldn't for the life of me work out how or where to get the filler cap open!! - had to phone Dad at home to ask!)

And finally the biggest addictive time-sapper (after facebook!), also known as my favourite birthday present ever - my still very new, very shiny, very sexy iTouch! LOVE THIS. love, love, love it! (and I love Chris for giving me it!) Of course it's good for me....I have bought the Brain Trainer game and that is the main cause of the addiction. Honest gov... (And I played Sudoku in the post office queue waiting to collect lens mentioned above!) (AND the photo is taken with the new lens - obviously!)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ruby Wedding Celebrations!

My Mum and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage today - wow! I've got quite the example to live up to! And so the last few weeks I've been busy. Delving through old photos and some memorabilia. They were thoughtful enough to vacation in Florida last week so I had some uninterrupted time to dig deep (but next time Dad; can you sort and file a little better!)
So, like I said I was busy...creating this;I just hope it does them justice. I split it into 3 sections - photos of them before children - their courtship and wedding and newlywed years. Then the second section was of a family of 4 - the years from when I was born through till my brother and I left home. And finally the 3rd section was of their later years - the here and now, them with their friends. (You can see the full album here)

Congratulations Mum and Dad! I love you.xx
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