Saturday, January 29, 2011

White Rabbit Snowshoe Race

Chris & Helen
Today Chris and I took part in our first snowshoe race at Crystal Mountain resort up in West Kelowna. We signed up for the 5km option (after seeing that the first half of the 10km route was all uphill!). Even our 5km route wasn't all plain sailing I have to say. We took the chairlift to the top of the mountain (So far, so good though it was helluva cold!) and gradually wound our way back down the mountain from there (with a little ravine crossing giving us a cheeky slog uphill in the middle somewhere) I haven't felt burn like this. Perhaps I don't run so hard, or have such cold air whipping through my lungs or even this nice lil' cold I have going on at the moment but man it was hard!! We managed a sprint away from the start line (there were TV cameras so we had to make the effort right?!) and then it was mostly a brisk walk. I have probably wrecked Chris's knees for life by making him run down a couple of downhill sections (the only bits I could manage but probably his last choice for a spot of jogging!) And of course the obligatory sprint to the finish line just over an hour after setting off!

Me at the Start

It was a small race, but fantastically organised and everyone was so friendly. The sponsors outdid themselves too. After all the top placed winners picked prizes from an enormous pile from top-of-the-line snowshoes, bags, poles, gaitors and outdoor clothing to vouchers for house-cleaning, Curves gym and ski lift tickets all the other finishers got drawn randomly to pick up prizes too. We both won something! I picked a starlit snowshoe tour with fondue dinner for 2, and Chris scooped a $50 voucher for a local Italian restaurant. Incredible and so generous - way more than we paid for the entry fees and a fantastic (if exhausting!) way to start off our weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Manifesto of my life

Happy New Year!

I'm not in the habit of making resolutions, nor am I into choosing 'One Little Word' but I did want to do 'something' and so I made a list. Things I want to do, learn, make and accomplish during this year. This year I will be 37 and so I have got my list of 37 things to do in my 37th year. And so, here it is. Public. Just so you all can hold me to it!
  1. Make chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  2. Log 600 miles running
  3. Paint a wall
  4. Visit a new country
  5. Blog at least once a month
  6. Take a ski lesson
  7. Make wall art (and actually display it!)
  8. Go on a picnic
  9. Learn something new
  10. Grow vegetables
  11. Play mini golf
  12. Go for a bike ride (the type with pedals and hard graft!)
  13. Rent a boat
  14. Bake a loaf of bread
  15. Relax in a candlelit bubble-bath
  16. Go to a hockey game
  17. Take a yoga class
  18. Make business cards
  19. Visit a national park
  20. Go camping
  21. Ice-skate outside
  22. Give 3 handmade gifts
  23. Sew something
  24. Stay in Harvey
  25. Make gazpacho
  26. Try a new restaurant
  27. Go to a live comedy show
  28. Run a sub 56' 10km
  29. Read 2 non-fiction books
  30. Spray paint something
  31. Feed the ducks
  32. Do a scrapbook page every month (month-in-review)
  33. Make money from my new business venture
  34. Give to charity
  35. Listen to live music
  36. Cook and master 12 new recipes
  37. Complete a Gratitude journal

And there it is. And as far as #5 goes - I guess I'll see you back here next month for a progress report!

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