Sunday, February 21, 2010

We couldn't resist

Vancouver Olympics
It was right on our doorstep right?! (OK so a 5hr drive away!) We had to go and check it out and I'm so glad we did. From the moment we got near the city the vibes were already there - the busy-ness, bustling excitement! It felt like one big party - I suppose it IS one big party! Some of the main streets in downtown have been pedestrianised for the duration of the games which made for a fun atmostphere. Everyone was in such good spirits and even I didn't mind the crowds and queues. We didnt' have tickets for any events but just spent our time wandering the streets, seening the sights, socking up the atmosphere, visiting some of the pavillions, watching street performers and loving every minute of it. So very cool!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Games are here!

We just spent the evening watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony - what a visual treat! Whilst we won't be going to the city or to any events it was such a great experience just watching it - I think there's been an amazing job done of making everyone here in BC feel part of the Games - a couple of weeks back we joined about 15,000 others in Kelowna city park to watch the torch arrive in town on it's 106 day journey across Canada - the longest domestic torch relay ever. There were artists and acrobats, the most brilliant ice sculptures and little Canadian flags and torches for everyone to get in the spirit! And I will be checking out this website heaps the next few weeks I'm sure!

Tonight was the first opening ceremony to be held indoors (which lets face it was a pretty good move in the Pacific Northwest!). The light show put on was unreal - those whales 'swimming' across the stadium floor was something else! It was so emotional and happy at the same time - I loved watching the atheletes on their procession into the stadium - you could see the excitement on their faces! (though why in the world were the British women atheletes wearing French berets as part of the uniform?!) It's a shame though that shortly after it finishes I come online and the headlines are all scandalous about the 'gaff' in the torch lighting moment - what a shame the media can't focus on the good bits and not the bad?! We were both so impressed too with the delicate way which they handled the sad and tragic death of the Georgian Luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili who died in training today - the minutes silence was so the right thing.

Here's to a great fortnight of sporting events. I might just become a telly addict for a bit! And I've got the choice of 2 teams to cheer the tough one will be the men's curling - GB or Canada?!
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