Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Rock

So it was a miserable rainy day, but that seemed somewhat fitting for visiting a little piece of England eh?! (and Yes I will always be a Brit and discuss said weather constantly, normally with a hint of whining! - old habits...) Chris last visited Gibraltar about 20 years ago, me - I'd never been and was keen to! So despite the weather we took the cable car up 'the rock' - a 1396ft tall monolith looming over the entrance to the Meditterreanean sea. Good views and......LOTS of Monkeys!! Gibraltar rock is home to around 250 Barbary Macaques, commonly known as 'apes'; they are the only wild monkeys found in Europe and they're very fond of the tourists, plastic bags (preferably with food in) and biting (apparently). Actually them seemed cute enough to me and frankly are outrageous posers!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing...!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Costa del Sol

So we couldn't turn down the offer of a week in Spain from my Mum and Dad. They had a spare bedroom in their apartment in Estepona for a week and flights were £90, so with 2 days notice we packed our bags and made tracks. Swapping the cold, snowy weather of England for the sunny(ish) climes of Spain! This is us - Margaret - a family friend, my Mum and Dad and me, enjoying the views of Ronda.
Ronda is a lovely ancient town waaay up in the mountains. Cobbled streets, white buildings, sunny views, wine at lunch - you get the idea!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is not England....!!

Hola Espana!!
My latest view!! Not bad eh?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Somerset Carnival

I've been to a few great parades in my time but there's nothing to match a Somerset carnival. It beats Mardi Gras, it beats the Rosebowl parade - seriously this is great. So on the final night of the Somerset county circuit we drove off to the last carnival in Weston-Super-Mare. It's an evening event and is one of the largest so lasted about 2 hours. There were over 100 entrants - many of them huge great flatbed trailers being pulled by tractors and decorated in thousands and thousands of lightbulbs. They all are themed and have costumed dancers, decoration, some have mechanical moving parts - It's so difficult to describe but is truly an awesome spectacle! The weather wasn't kind sadly but it didn't seem to dampen many peoples spirits, certainly not ours - we enjoyed every minute!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome Home! this is what Chris's house in Swindon looks at right now. We had planned on moving in last week but as you can see...given that the toilet is currently residing in the bedroom and both shower enclosures are broken and there's no heating and there's building dust EVERYWHERE and the previous tenants left with most of useable furniture. Well best not eh?! Perhaps we'll give it another week or two.
It's a frightening sight but bizarrely I'm looking forward to the challenge of renovating and redecorating over the coming months (anything to avoid getting a job) We will be ripping out the kitchen and fitting a new one - should be fun! and further reno work top to bottom!
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