Monday, November 24, 2008

Costa del Sol

So we couldn't turn down the offer of a week in Spain from my Mum and Dad. They had a spare bedroom in their apartment in Estepona for a week and flights were £90, so with 2 days notice we packed our bags and made tracks. Swapping the cold, snowy weather of England for the sunny(ish) climes of Spain! This is us - Margaret - a family friend, my Mum and Dad and me, enjoying the views of Ronda.
Ronda is a lovely ancient town waaay up in the mountains. Cobbled streets, white buildings, sunny views, wine at lunch - you get the idea!

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  1. AMAZING pics!! really love the cobble stone road angle!! I got my camera (nikon d90) just in time for our trip to zoo york..... :)


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