Thursday, December 4, 2008

NEC Bike Show

The largest motorcycle show in the UK and I was lucky enough to accompany my dear husband - oh lucky me!! It's overwhemingly HUGE - 4 exhibition halls full of bikes, accessories, oh, and more bikes! (Oh how I could dream if that space had been full of scrapbooking stuff!) We stayed all of the 8 hours it was open and I'm sure I checked up at least 5 miles in mileage from walking around! But I'm happy that he's happy and he's VERY happy. A new bike helmet for Chris - and proudly sporting a great St George's cross so perfect for him riding around north America - just to make sure everyone knows he's English! Clearly it's not just about the latest models of bikes - this one's just for Chris!! And me trying out my future choice of bike. Just cause Chris has lowered his standards and gone Jap doesn't mean I can't keep up the family standards and ride Italian!! just need to get in a little practice before I get let loose with this lovely Ducati.

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