Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Year

Already a week in - wow! I'm not a resolution-y kind of person. But I have joined a gym and I plan to finish my Week in the Life scrapbook album (OK start AND finish it!). And for now I'm not in any way commiting to anything else.

The house in Swindon is coming along; raring to get back into it after the Christmas break. The kitchen really is pretty much finished (haven't downloaded the last photos so they'll come later!), there's a couple of rooms to paint and lots of 'little' jobs plus painting the outside of the house. Then we'll get around to seeing if it's worth selling or if we're to be landlords again for a couple more years. Looking forward to catching up with some friends whilst we're back in the UK, and getting in some more hiking (we aren't aiming for a specific distance this year so we have to be careful of not getting lazy and still get out and explore this glorious countryside!)

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