Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Before & After photos (part I)

So happy! Finally I feel the house has really come together. Almost all the new carpets are done. All painting done, including, and in particular the dreaded and hated gloss woodwork. And finally I've downloaded the photos. Wanted to get some before and after shots posted together. I think there are some pretty big changes and improvements to be seen. As for us we're really enjoying just living in this lovely little house. With all our possessions out of storage and around us. There's been some wonderful discoveries of things we'd forgotten we even owned and memories of happy times collecting and buying said items!

The bathroom (this was the orignal root cause of the problem - the toilet overflow was broken and water was leaking into the exterior wall cavity saturating this room and 3 of the downstairs rooms) Thankful for the wonderful, helpful insurance people at NFU...!The 'Blue' room as we affectionatly called it (only as it was painted and carpeted blue (though not the hideous blue in the before photos - that was the awful job of some tenants - we'd picked a refined and classic 'shakespeare blue' - anyway now all that remains are the blue curtains.) Living life now as the study (or scrapbook room?!)The Attic bedroom and Main Bedroom. No major works here other than a quick paint and carpet. Chris had to mend the doors to the under-eaves storage. (OK - in fact the bedroom REALLy doesn't look any different!)


  1. Fab pic layouts honey; didn't we do well...

  2. seriously - which one is my room when I come for a visit???? great job y'all!!!


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