Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ruby Wedding Celebrations!

My Mum and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage today - wow! I've got quite the example to live up to! And so the last few weeks I've been busy. Delving through old photos and some memorabilia. They were thoughtful enough to vacation in Florida last week so I had some uninterrupted time to dig deep (but next time Dad; can you sort and file a little better!)
So, like I said I was busy...creating this;I just hope it does them justice. I split it into 3 sections - photos of them before children - their courtship and wedding and newlywed years. Then the second section was of a family of 4 - the years from when I was born through till my brother and I left home. And finally the 3rd section was of their later years - the here and now, them with their friends. (You can see the full album here)

Congratulations Mum and Dad! I love you.xx


  1. This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Helen! I'm certain your parents will love it. Have a great week!

  2. it's fantastic! I love your colour selection - red, blk and white! great photos too! The acrylic cover and pages is a beautiful touch too! Thanks for sharing - I checked it out on 2peas.... good work!! It will be a family treasure for generations to come :) Ironically - I just finished a 40 yr anniversary album for my hubby's parents...(last week) It was the life is beautiful album we made at CKU! I need to post about it....

  3. Thank you SO much.It is beautiful! We will treasure it always.
    Thank you also for all your help - we had a lovely day. Love you lots
    M & D xxxx


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