Thursday, August 13, 2009

Center of Gravity fesitval

A couple of weeks back already we headed down to the city park, right on the lakeshore for the Center of Gravity festival. All through the summer Kelowna hosts so many fesitvals and events and we thought we really should check some of them out! Center of Gravity was all about being on the beach with loads of sports demos and competitions and entertainment. We turned up in time for the bikini competition (and we know whose in charge of transportation in this household?! Furthermore from the collage below I'm sure you can figure out who was on camera duty during most of the afternoon - he lost interest when the bare-chested biker dudes started strutting their stuff!) In the evening Bif Naked was live on stage. Apparently she's quite popular here in Canada....if you're partial to a bit of ear-bleeding....we'd actually spotted her buying a latte in Starbucks 1/2 hour before she went on stage - not that we had the faintest idea who she was at that point!
Centre of Gravity
It really was some awesome stuff! However I can't get the hang of all this new 'youngsters' language - actually according to the commentator of the freestyle biking it wasn't awesome at all - it was in fact 'sick'.....yep - they were 'throwing down some sick tricks man'.....okaaaaay....

...I'll be the one in line for my free bus pass.

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  1. totally sic... I, too, have a hard time keeping up with the latest lingo! My brother is always busting out some craziness on me..... and I always nod... as if I know what the heck he's talking about.... :)
    cool layout lady...
    You are very hip, very modern, very "sic"
    glad to catch up on your "happenings" xo, amt


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