Friday, September 4, 2009

Creative Escape projects

So I've spent some of my time over the last couple of days putting the finishing touches on some of my Creative Escape class projects. Like I said before all eight classes were really fast paced and in many cases for me I was learning new techniques and using unfamiliar products (I wasn't an ink and paint girl - things are a' changing though!) I suppose if I'm honest I wasn't completely mad for all the classes - not because I didn't appreciate them for what they were creatively but that they weren't to my taste and I couldn't envision using them or displaying them. And by seeing which projects I was keen to get finished here at home probably is a bit of a clue to the ones I liked the most!!
creative escape arizona 2009,creative escape arizona 2009,CE09,tim holtz
This was I think my favourite - the mini book encased in a cute little suitcase (it measures only 4x3" - its adorable!) taught by Tim Holtz. It was a class I was 20 minutes late for and completely flustered, the class with the most 'new' techniques for me and yet the only project I completely finished in class. We used grungeboard sanded down, painted then inked for the covers then inside there's a combination of patterned paper pocket pages, some mini photo sleeves and some grunged up ticket pages decorated with distressed flowers and a few metal embellishments.
creative escape arizona 2009,CE09,Debby Schuh
This is a close second in my fav list - a Creative Escape album taught by Debby Schuh. Full of pinks, black and white in various shades, shapes, sizes and textures - there's even a patterned felt page to put our collectible pins on! There's transparent pages, pockets, tags and more - love this. Nothing was rocket science but I lack the imagination to put something so cute together myself - I'm so looking forward to filling this with all my memorabilia of the event and my photos!
creative escape arizona 2009,CE09,7 Gypsies
The class taught by Paula Cheney and Debbie Crouse from 7 Gypsies I wasn't sure on at first but since I've finished it up with a photo I love it! It's a wall decor peice which we put together from scratch. It has different layers and textures and there are secret doors and flaps for extra bits of journalling or photos - it even has a real glass vase and a cute bunch of flowers - I'm so happy with the finished product (now husband dear - I just need a house with walls to hang it!!)
creative escape arizona 2009,CE09,Heather Bailey
This cute cheerful album was created by Heather Bailey who is normally found putting her talents to designing fabrics and other things related to sewing and stuff (not my bag - I wonder if I could use glue dots instead of sewing on buttons?!!?!) This was a mini album which various pockets, clips and other fun stuff - not sure what I'm going to do with it but dang it looks cute!
creative escape arizona 2009,CE09,Marah Johnson
And finally for now this great altered box taught by Marah Johnson. We decorated using glimmer mist sprays over flocked papers so texturally its yummy. Inside there are 12 mini chipboard books - I'm thinking it's going to have to have something to do with the 12 months of the year when I come to fill them!

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  1. They look wonderful all finished up! It was great to finally meet you in person. Looking forward to CE 2010!


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