Monday, September 14, 2009

Speedball 09 & The Kootenays

We've just spent an awesome weekend away motorcycling around the Kootenays for Speedball 2009 - this is a scavenger hunt 'game' where each team had to take photos of various places/things or objects to collect as many points as possible - things like 'take a picture of all team members, standing with one toe in a Starbucks coffee cup - 100 points per player! and a picture of a loud sound....I wasn't an 'official' member of the team since I ride pillion but I supervised and made sure Chris didn't get lost or went too slowly ;-) We all had great fun! Saturday night was spent hotelling it in Nelson, drinking and hanging out in the hot tub till the wee hours...(therapeutic for the sore backsides!)

Sunday should've been a slow and relaxed pace back to Kelowna, but the roads are too smooth and too twisty for that so most people had a 'spirited' ride home, finishing off the evening with a big BBQ and Chris's team being awarded first prize!


  1. sweeeet! do share... what's the little flicker video player thingy? AHHH I can hardly keep up with all the techno gismos. U R a very cool brit chick indeed!

    GREAT pics too! Looks like a fun time was had by all and some great action shots of your hubby! bravo!

    xo ,

  2. Hi Helen & thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, you've been to a lot of Nat'l Parks, lucky girl ! I'm still working my way around the country to visit them all.

    Anyway ... if you want, PBS is selling all the NP film DVDs, books, etc. here:

    Plus, PBS is airing episodes online too.

    Enjoy! :-)


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