Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She got a job... more 'retirement' for me. Hence we haven't been doing all that much with life other than making 2 twee little matching lunch-boxes, sharing rides to work and coming home to a cold house (bought a programmable thermostat tonight - seriously that's how exciting work is?!) This weekend we're all set for a trip to the big city - the Vancouver Bike show, and of course any trip to the lower mainland wouldn't be complete without a shopping spree at my favourite big blue and yellow store *wink*!!


  1. so now you got a job....what are you doing?

  2. so, you now got a job after being off for how long? Are you going to CE?
    and I am doing spontanous caretaking as they need me and pet sitting. I wanted a really good job but, it is hard as I still have a 12 year old at home.
    I was unemployed after our one grocery store closed almost 14 years ago, took 7 years off selling Avon for now 15 years and volunteering. then I placed my one son in a group home worked off and on the the past 6 years!
    Good luck in whatever it is. :)


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