Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Dirty weekend...

This weekend was my first foray into Moto-X. It was a 'Ride for the Cure' event raising money for Breast Cancer and Chris's shop was putting together a team and I was all set to be a part of it. When we pulled up to the track I just felt sick; It was huge with big berms and whoop-dee-dos and corners (because I'm not awfully keen on corners) OMG. What had I let myself in for? After a riders brief my day got marginally brighter when I was told since I was on a 'small (150cc) bike' and was a beginner I could ride on the baby beginners track. It got even brighter when I started beating 4-year olds on the straights (OK so the 5 year olds were still whooping my ass!). Seriously though once I got the hang of it, fallen off a couple of times and put in a few laps it was fun! Really good fun! And maybe sometime I'll have to go back and ride the big boys course (because arguably the track was wider so the corners weren't as tight so maybe in theory easier?!) Ha!
Ride for the Cure
Chris and I both rode, though unfortunately it was at the same time so I got no photos of him (but he did look fetching in his pink t-shirt and more pink tassles on his handlebars too!) We had a great day with a good team spirit from the Southwest Motorrad crew and the best bit was the event raised $20,000 for Breast Cancer research!

Now if you'll excuse me whilst I go finish off trying to get all the dust and dirt out of nooks and crannies I never knew existed...

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