Monday, February 28, 2011

January progress

Just got back from a weekend down in Seattle. I was excited to catch up with Tess – my bff from Cyprus days. It’s been over 7 years since I left the island but we’ve been so lucky over the years to catch up from time to time. Funnily enough though, each of those 3 times has been a meeting in a country that neither of us live in! So great to have dinner with her, and her daughter & son-in-law on Friday night and then a bonus meeting in the mall the next day for lunch. Loved seeing you Tess.xx

Kerry, Tess & Helen

So already it’s the end of February eh?! My 2011 manifesto has been moving nicely along. January I ‘ticked’ off 5 items;
  • We went outdoor ice-skating (#21) up at Big White ski resort.
  • We painted a wall (#3) in our bedroom which is just the first step in a bit of a re-vamp/personalization from the orignal and unimaginative natural tan the house was painted in - we used the Behr 'Wine Frost' - I think it looks great, though way more purple in real life than I was expecting!
  • I finally made a piece of wall art (#7) that’s been on my mind to do for the longest time. I printed the phrase 'home is where the heart is' repeated over for the background then cut an outline shape of BC with my Silhouette machine and mounted it with foam squares. Then I cut out a little heart and placed it approx where our home town is with some more foam sqaures. It was so simple to do and I'm really pleased with how it turned out; we now have it hung in our entranceway.
  • I tweaked the design of my business cards (#18) just a little more and finally sent them off to the printers. Loved how they turned out and upon delivery I felt justified in ticking that one off my list too!
  • And finally for January we tried out a new restaurant (#26). I knew this was going to be a pretty easy item on the list – we love eating out, but I had in mind a few places in town I wanted to try out. Mimi’s Italian is just one of them! (I can see us succeeding in this task a few times over during the course of the year!)

I also did a great job of keeping up with a gratitude journal for the fist month and I tried and tested 3 new recipes already so good progress towards a couple of the annual goals.

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