Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 Manifesto

I loved having my 'manifesto' for last year, and so I'm bringing it back for 2012. Another year to 'publicly declare my intentions' and hold myself accountable for the things I want to do, want to achieve and want to create....I had a few favourites from last year and after some thought I decided to just repeat them again for this year. I have upped my list by one item - So I'd like to introduce 'My List of 38' (in my 38th year)...
  1. Bake cupcakes
  2. Go bowling
  3. Volunteer
  4. Swim in an open water event
  5. Go fruit picking
  6. Reach Nike+ purple level
  7. Go to the drive-in movies
  8. Have a carpet picnic
  9. Take a new exercise class
  10. Ride my motorbike to work
  11. Go camping on the bikes
  12. Take a cooking class
  13. See live theatre
  14. Take a selfie' every month
  15. Run a marathon
  16. Have a pedicure
  17. Visit Cathedral Peaks park
  18. Run more miles than last year
  19. Try 10 new crock pot recipes
  20. Run the bridge
  21. Go paint balling
  22. Learn to shoot/edit in RAW
  23. Take a trip to visit family
  24. Try a new food
  25. Be amazed
  26. Write a letter a month
  27. Plan a surprise
  28. Pickle onions
  29. Make more handmade gifts (double last year so 6!)
  30. Do something that scares me
  31. Make Art for the house
  32. Make 10 washi tape projects
  33. Donate
  34. Read 2 non-fiction books
  35. Blog at least once a month
  36. Simplify my life
  37. Celebrate 10 years of marriage
  38. Go for a bike ride (no really this IS the year!!)

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  1. What a great list Helen and if I can help you with exchanging proper old school letters, then yell out! I think I'll try and make a list as well but there definitely won't be crazy stuff like running or bike riding on mine hahahaha!


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