Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Life weeks 7 & 8*

So going on vacation causes havoc with Project Life. Especially when we leave mid-week!! (I've told Chris that next time we go away it has to be on a Sunday!! - OCD?! - me?!!?)

Obviously I had so much to share, but I want to do a mini-album of our trip too, so it was figuring out what goes in Project Life and what goes in the mini book. And really that took me the longest time. Too much time - it's supposed to be simple! I felt I had 5 separate 'parts' to these last few weeks - the part week before we left, Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong and the part week we got back.

My week 7 runs from Sunday 12th February (as normal), and covers before we left, the travel (2 days since we lost a day crossing the International Date Line!) and our first day in Beijing (really just a ta-da! - we're here kind of entry!). So it's only a 6 day period.

My 'week 8' isn't really a week at all. It covers the 4 days we were in Beijing. (18th - 21st Feb)

To follow are my 'week 9' (again won't really be a week - it's 9 days in Macau and Hong Kong, 22nd - 29th Feb) and 'week 10' (will actually be a week and a half - the part week we got back and all of the following week at home - not much happened so I'm combining them, 1st - 10th March)

I always said I'd be cool about having different date ranges for each spread, but actually when it came to it I had issues. I mostly wanted to keep the week numbers 'correct', hence the final week being a week and a half - this way it gets me back on track without missing anything. I'm finding so many others taking part in this project refer to the weeks of the year, and for ease I'd like to follow along the same format, plus it helps keeping my head straight!

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