Friday, August 31, 2012

Labour Day 10 mile virtual run

I joined in with Laura at 'Mommy Run Fast' for her Labour Day Virtual run this weekend. With lots of activities planned for our weekend I thought I'd get a head start and get my run in first thing this morning - the first day of the run weekend (you can log your miles anytime between now and Tuesday!).

Now I have to say I generally have 2 speeds when it comes to my running - stop and go! I have plenty of good intentions to try and incorporate speedwork in my training and I totally get all the benefits but when I'm out there plodding along I often let my runs just take their own course. If I have a fast one or a slow run then I think it's just the gods deciding for me. Today I really wanted to try and treat this as a race and I pushed it. I knew I was pushing myself and got out of my regular comfort zone. For the last 4 miles I was consistently improving my overall average pace! Very happy with myself. This was the second fastest paced run this year!

Thank you Laura for organizing such a great virtual run and thank you for giving me a reason to push myself. Go and check out her blog - there might be still time to sign up!

Today I was also trying out a bunch of new togs - a sports bra, vest and running shoes had all made one previous appearance but today some new shorts too. How irresponsible of me! Changing everything at once!! Ha ha! Actually it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm a creature of habit so the Moving Comfort Juno sports bra is my third, and my Lululemon Turbo shorts are my second pair. Clearly I love both items. The Brooks PureFlow shoes are my first foray into a more minimalist shoe. With a heel to toe drop of just 4mm (compared to my regular Brooks Ghosts with a 12mm drop) I'm loving them. I've been working on my form a little since my injury last winter - these really force the point of a mid or forefoot strike because there's no rise to the heel. My first 9 miler last week in them felt a little weird and gave me a small hot spot on my little toe. But today's run went like a dream. I felt so light-footed and springy in them! And I'm comfortably keeping up a forefoot strike all through the 10 miler (before I've been changing my gait to my old style heel strike to change things up and give my calves a break!)

New running gear

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  1. Yay! Sounds like a great run- congrats on pushing yourself. I used it as an excuse to push myself a little harder this morning, too. I need that motivation sometimes! Thanks again for participating. :)

  2. Congrats on such a strong finish. It feels great when we surprise ourselves with what we can do :)


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