Thursday, September 27, 2012

Currently: September

Listening to silence...and the hum of the fridge.
Cooking with what's left in the fridge - trying to empty things out since we're going away next week.
Excited about the Chicago Marathon
Savoring the warm, late summer days - there can surely only be a few more summer days left?!
Planning for our trip next week
Working on my marathon playlist - 69 songs and 4.5 hours of music - the question is will I get to hear it all the way through or will I start getting repeats?!
Embracing Fall - have decorated up the mantle and coffee table, and ready to break out the soup and stew recipes and Ugg boots!! (but I think this will have to be postponed till we get back from Chicago!)
Reading Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv - talking about the importance of relationships between Children and Nature (which isn't like me - but it's for work - since I'm helping coordinate an event when the author is coming to our hometown! - but actually it's also quite interesting) But also slowly getting through Anne Frank's Diary
Wearing Skinny jeans, wooly cardigan and socks!! (It might be warm out but at work I'm always cold!)
Feeling anxious about running 26.2 miles next week
Needing to pick up the new Jack Reacher book from the library today (just in time for our trip!)
Wanting to get the garden tidied up
Trying to stop snacking so much
Wondering will I make it? 
Procrastinting about getting the garden tidied up 
Wondering if we'll miss the big yellow tree at it's best whilst we're away
Looking forward to seeing family next week 
Hoping that after several nights in her 'big girl bed' with no accidents is the sign of house-training success with Meli
Smiling at PSY's Gangnam Style - love that video - keep watching it over whenever I need a smile on my face!
Eating cheese and tomato sandwiches made with delicious toms from our garden

Playing along with Ali today with her 'currently...around here' list...

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