Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meli's 1/2 year Birthday!

She's 6 months old already! Where did the time go? It seems so 'the norm' to have her around, the waggy tail when you walk in the door, the snuggles, and curled up ball of hair sleeping at you feet when you're working at your desk. Oh, and the hairs all over every last bit of clothing you own, standing outside waiting for her to pee in the cold, dark, rain (because she doesn't like the rain, so won't go out by herself if it's raining - so you have to leash her and pull her out, then stand around like a spare part whilst she does her business!!) That eager face in the rear view mirror of the car when you take a drive....!

It's already hard to remember how little she was when she arrived here! Thankfully we've come a long way since then. She's great around the house these days. We've taught her to ring a bell which we've hung on the front door to signal that she needs to go out. It's supposed to be when she needs to go out to pee...but mostly she rings it just if she needs wants to go out, or we're not paying her enough attention, or pretty much without fail if we've just sat down to eat. She's a clever little monkey like that!! She gave up her crate about 6 weeks ago. Now she just sleeps on her big girl bed in the mud room - for now there's still a gate across the doorway to keep her confined, but I'm not sure she'd go wandering anyway - she sleeps right through the night - we're normally the ones that wake her come the morning!

She's already at 34lbs, and standing around 20 inches. She's so lean right now - skinny almost - but we've been packing in the food so she certainly ain't going hungry! It's difficult to know how much more she'll grow - these days I certainly have trouble picking her up. I don't think she realises that she's gotten so big - she'll still climb up onto our laps and try and curl up - but it doesn't work quite the same as it used to!!

She wasn't the water-baby we were hoping for this summer. Pretty unsure of the water in fact - hopefully that'll change next year?! She does love the beach though - sand, fine gravel, loose dirt - she goes crazy for! Loves digging and scrambling around like a lunatic! She's been great at 'fetch' right from day one - her enthusiasm and energy for fetching sticks and balls is so far endless!

She makes us laugh. She makes our little family complete. She makes us love even more.xx (even if she does look like a Gremlin in that last photo!)

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