Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Menu Planning..

Love, love, love this challenge. I'm still completely buzzed about it. We've used this same old method on and off over the last couple of years probably. But this time it seems different - nothing like sharing in the process with friends and being just a little more accountable than usual.
Last week looked like this;
And it basically worked out...the Spaghetti squash meal was postponed till this coming week. And once again as predicted planning for 6 meals was the way to go. Meal 7 was an impromptu invite to our neighbours for a lovely unhealthy -'fry-up' brunch on the weekend - sausages, eggs, beans, hash browns, tomato (probably the only healthy thing on my plate!) and mushrooms.
We LOVE this meal - thank goodness we don't do it often - but I'll sure as heck enjoy it when I do!! I can recommend it heartily - especially if you're looking to get yourself into an early grave through coronary failure!! ;-) .....sorry was this menu planning about healthy options?!!
On to this week;
Spaghetti Squash was back on the menu after it got skipped last week. We're slowly making our way through our own very special little crop of squash straight from our own garden, so I'm trying to get the right balance of savouring them and making our stash last as long as possible without risking that they go bad (how long does a spaghetti squash last anyway?!). The meatballs planned to go with them last week got skipped and replaced with another gardening success - our cherry tomatoes.

These pickings were from just one plant!! We've got them indoors ripening now and so this week I chopped a batch of ripe ones in half and just simmered them up with a little garlic and seasoning into a sauce then put the mixture straight into mason jars and sealed them - I'm hoping they'll last for a few weeks. For this weeks meal I added some fresh basil and goats cheese to a jar of the sauce base and served over the spaghetti squash. Absolute success! 

Linking up once again to Jill and Laura's Menu Planning Challenge.

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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the challenge! I am too... I really needed this accountability. Yay for squash right out of your garden! I miss gardening. We don't have the space for it now, and I am so confused by the "seasons" in Texas, but I can't wait to start one again when we move back to the northeast.


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