Friday, December 7, 2012

Fitness goals for 2013

I have lots of ideas sloshing around in my head about what I want to do running-wise this coming year. I'm not really one to make radical resolutions (apart from daft things like wanting to run a marathon in 2012!).
But I think that was always due to a little lack of confidence in my fitness ability. My first 1/2 marathon was originally a 10km, and it was only weeks beforehand that I switched my entry once I know my training was going well. But running that marathon taught me a fair bit about myself, not least that 'finishing a marathon is a state of mind that says anything is possible'
Currently this is what I think I want to aim for in 2013;
  • Become a Half Fanatic (and I think I'm likely to try and achieve this by running 2 Half Marathons in 16 days - although actually my potential races are actually back to back weekends so I will hopefully achieve this in 8 days - my goal races being the Run for Water in Abbotsford, BC on May 26th and the Whistler Half Marathon on June 1st)
  • Run 13 in 2013 - A few people on my blogroll had done 12 in 2012, and they were all running half marathons.  For me that seemed a little ambitious (and too expensive with all those race entries totting up). But for 2013 they've opened it up to be able to run a combination of distances throughout the year totalling 13 races. Plus virtual races count. Many virtual races are free so that eases the money concern and often have some flexibility over when and where you do the run. The organizers are even hosting 4 virtual runs to help you on your way to 13! I'm in!
  • 5 by the 5th - Laura over at is hosting a series of virtual races from January through June - pick your distance - 5km or 5m and log your run. This is totally do-able for me and I'll have the fun of participating and virtually interacting with my fellow runners (plus they'll be counting towards the 13 in 2013.
  • Do a Triathlon - this is probably my sketchiest of goals. Honestly I don't normally 'lay it out there on the table' unless I'm fairly confident it's achievable. But this....I hate cycling, I'm not keen on swimming.....but it IS something I would love to have accomplished (yes past tense - I want to HAVE done it, not DO it!!) But there's only one way to get to the past tense eh?!

Other tentative race plans include the Vancouver Sun Run 10km, either the Seattle Rock n' Roll Half or the Vancouver Tough Mudder (have to decide as they're on the same weekend) and I expect some Fall Half to finish off my season. Sounds busy doesn't it?! Maybe I won't have too much trouble with the 13 in 2013 after all!!

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  1. I'm doing the 13 in 13 too, and thanks for sharing about the virtual run series! Glad you're in!
    Nope, I don't think you'll have any trouble getting 13. :)


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