Monday, January 21, 2013

Skiing at Silver Star

People often ask us over here if we can ski. And my standard reply is usually 'like an Englishman'!! Which basically is telling you that England doesn't have ski resorts, and at best you may get to swanny over the channel for a week's ski vacation a few times in your lifetime so there's a distinct lack of continuity (for me I think it was 3 separate weeks on school trips between the ages of 12-20 and when you're 16 on a school trip the apres ski gluwein is infinitely more appealing than the actual skiing!)

So as we were driving up the mountain last Friday morning we worked out when exactly we last went downhill ski-ing. In the end we figured it was 2010 and before that was Spring 2006. Clearly just because we're in Canada now doesn't mean we can't still be Englishmen on the ski slopes - once every half decade!!

But our time had come. With a new purchased 1Pass card (from Costco - so yes we had to renew our membership after all - worth it when you save $20 per person on a Lift ticket!) we hit the slopes at Silver Star on Friday morning. We'd been once before - for a little night skiing - but with such limited runs open and the chilly evening it wasn't that memorable an experience. Our day started clear but with some dark grey clouds high up but they were all to clear as the day went by into gorgeous wall-to-wall blue skies! Perfect views!

Around 50% of the marked runs at Silver Star are either blue or green and that is definitely our bag - in fact Friday I was happier on the greens - just because I could spend more time getting the 'hang' of skiing again, and try and practice my form (actually just try not to look like a complete biffer!) yet still feel like I was getting somewhere without freaking myself out!!

We had an absolute blast. It was SO GOOD to be back on the slopes! It's so easy as time passes by to forget about some of those things that you have so much fun doing - that you don't miss doing them any more. But when you finally do it again you're desperate to go back again right away!! And so after a happy, exhilarating day (when we were so keen we were the last down the mountain on one final quicky run as the snow patrol actually closed off the run behind us!). We have every intention of getting back on the slopes soon.

I guess if we're planning on applying for Canadian citizenship (next month!!) then we'd better drop some of our English ways and start skiing like Canadians do.....I best get some lessons!

We finished the day with pastries and hot chocolate in one of my absolute favourite bakery/cafes - Bugaboos - reason enough to visit Silver Star in my opinion! We had high hopes of a little ice-skating on the pond before we left but this little English girl was cream-crackered after a day on the time!


  1. Fun! We've been the same way for the past few years. Hitting the slopes every so often (less now that we've got young kids). I miss it and hope to get back to it soon.

    1. You must! And get your kids started young!! The little kids just show up my complete lack of skills! They're so fearless!


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