Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Detox week

I've spent this week on a 7 day Spring into Summer Detox plan. For those of you who didn't already know my husband is a Health & Nutrition Coach and is selling this plan, so I got to play guinea pig! Lucky me eh?! I am the biggest cynic with this kind of stuff. So many of this type of plans have lofty promises and bold statements about losing weight, eliminating cravings, shiny hair, better skin, blah, blah, blah (including this one!!).....I'm totally of the opinion that it's all a big bunch of baloney. Poppy-cock. BS.

So this week I've been eating a little humble pie.....

The Spring into Summer Detox plan is actually 15 days with 4 days prep and 4 days transition wedged either side of the actual 7 day detox week. The timing for this was LOUSY for me, since I have a Half marathon this weekend and another in 6 days time. But I'm a loyal sort of guinea pig so I jiggled things a bit and made it work - be it a little modified. Basically I skipped the pre-detox and with one days' notice plunged straight into my seven days full-on detox. I won't be doing a good honest transition phase either since I want to be eating/fuelling on my 'normal' diet for the race and the week between races.

The detox has seen me eliminate alcohol (OK that was an obvious one!), dairy, legumes, nuts, sugar, anything processed, grains, eggs......I think that's most of the key stuff. And at the start I really did wonder a bit what the heck I had left!!!

The first day was easy. The first half of the second day easy. Then it went downhill - and I was irritable and hungry*  It was the long weekend so I wanted to do long weekend-ish kind of things - like eat, drink and be merry! The only way I got through this was becoming a recluse for the weekend. When I headed back to work I had 3 days under my belt which at least gave me the confidence to get through a day at work where I  usually snack my way through the day (not necessarily on bad stuff, just plenty of stuff - fruits, nuts, a larabar, oats - and that's all the snacks - I have lunch on top of that lot!).

*I must say here that I am rarely EVER hungry  Not true hunger in my belly, rumbling tummy hunger. I eat out of habit and I think it's totally a mind-hunger. Especially at work. There I eat because it's 'time' - I look at the clock and when it hits 'whatever o'clock' I eat!

My energy levels were right down on Days 1-3. I did a 10 mile training run on Day 3, and I was miserable and slow. I found that I needed to introduce meat back in. The detox suggested going without, but if you felt you needed protein then to go for it. My evening meal on Day 3 it was back in! Just some au natural Alberta Moose - so fairly organic and grass-fed! - I just cooked up some ground meat with home made taco seasoning and sprinkled it over our (many) salads. So. Much. Better. After a lull on Days 2 and 3 my energy levels picked back up again on Day 4 and beyond. And from then on I really did feel back to normal on the energy levels even with a 5 mile training run and a couple of hour long cross training sessions during the rest of the week.

Anyway. My first BIG revelation was on Day 4 and mid-morning when I normally get 'hungry' for my mid morning snack which is normally oats or a Larabar. I just DIDN'T feel the urge or desire. My mind was more clear and focussed on my work and I never felt the need to eat anything. I think it gave me time to fully appreciate the breakfast I'd had, how enjoyable and satisfying it had been rather than me just scarffing it down out of habit and routine. In the end I neither ate, nor desired anything till lunchtime. Day 5 and 6 were the same. It truly was a fantastic feeling to not have this 'habit' of eating. And to feel full, grateful and appreciate what I did eat.

I was reminded that this wasn't a diet. I could in theory eat as much as I wanted but within the 'allowed' foods. But I did find that I wasn't that bothered in the end.

At the end of the week I can honestly say that I feel great! I'm definitely appreciating what I eat more. How it tastes and savouring it more. I'm blown away at how awesome it is that I wasn't feeling the urge to snack at work. I missed bits of all the 'avoid' foods - dairy (cheese and yoghurt , nuts (for snacking), legumes and grains. But I managed and because these were all on the avoid list these are mostly the things I would usually be snacking on - and that's always my biggest downfall!

My hair actually IS more shiny (maybe slightly more oily) and I DID loose some weight (4lbs, which for me is quite a bit - around 3% body weight, and more than 1% body fat) and I feel less bloated and full of energy (and did I mention I'm BUZZED that I haven't had a snack attack at work?!)

Darn that health coach husband of mine - I might just have to admit he WAS right!

(And so I might be bigging up my hubby here, but, I AM a believer in this. Me. The biggest cynic. Put it this way if I'd thought it was a waste of time I admit I wouldn't have written that - I just wouldn't have written anything right? No, this was worth my time writing this blog post because it was worth it. And just in case you'd like to try this there's another detox program starting on June 10th (ok, so that bit was a shameless plug!!)

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