Friday, August 23, 2013

Retro Music at Sun Peaks

Last weekend we drove to Sun Peaks Mountain resort outside of Kamloops to spend the day sitting in the sun and enjoying some 'retro' music. They'd brought in a bunch of cover bands to some old classics - we enjoyed music from 'Bob Marley', 'Tragically Hip' and 'ZZ Top'. There was quite a buzz around the village, and we took a stroll and grabbed some goodies from the bakery, and a couple of drinks on the patio of the nearest bar!

The highlight of the day though, might have to be the blissful 2-hour drive home. The skies cleared, the air was warm, the moon was bright and the colours of the dusk were magical. And it's moments like this that we LOVE having a soft top sports car! A jazz CD playing on the stereo just topped the whole experience off to perfection!

Barnhartvale Road, between Kamloops and Highway 97. Normally we ride along this stretch on the motorbike, so it was lovely to actually go at a more 'sedate pace' and enjoy the views!

Meli stayed the night at Auntie Liz's, and we picked up an extremely happy (And pooped out) pup the following morning (and this is a big deal because I now have a photo of her actually looking happy for once - she always seems so serious and grumpy in photos!)

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