Friday, September 27, 2013

The day I embarrassed Dolvett Quince!

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of 1/2 hour 'hanging' with Dolvett Quince - trainer extraordinaire and resident eye-candy from The Biggest Loser. Myself and 5 other lucky ladies won our spots in the G+ Hangout by finding 'golden cowbells' at the Fitbloggin' conference back in June. Our gracious hosts from DietsinReview hooked us all up with a call with the lovely Dolvett! But what do you ask a guy like that when all you want to do is sit and stare as he's smiling back at you!!

We talked about his new book The 3-1-2-1 Diet- specifically he talked about his concept of 'Cheat Days' - they aren't just about the mental attitude but there's actually a little science behind it. Dolvett doesn't believe in deprivation (yay for wine!) but does believe if we spike our metabolism eating a cheat meal we can 'confuse' our body, giving it 'food to fight' and we'll wind up 'burning from both sides' but with an overall message that we should 'Lean towards Clean'. It sounds sensible enough - after all these days in exercise it's all about muscle confusion - this sounds like the same kind of idea! (and we have the official green light from Dolvett to eat apple pie and drink wine - and this girl doesn't need to be told twice!)

Being busy women we were all keen to find out how to get the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to working out - Dolvett came up with some awesome ideas for short yet challenging workouts that will incorporate both cardio and strength! He repeatedly mentioned about switching up your workouts - to confuse your body and cross training all the way!

We all get the exercise blues - those days when you just can't be bothered - even Dolvett admits that he has those days....and his advice?! Change it up, call a friend and my personal favourite - get some new music!

And finally.....Dolvett gets embarrassed easily - I may even have made him blush!! He has quite some stories to share....I guess just not with us!!

Thanks so much to Brandi from Diets in Review for hosting us and especially to Dolvett for taking the time out of his day to chat with us! Check out the full chat right here;

And that smile.......#swoon!


  1. This is how body builders have done it for years, be strict 6 days out of the week and give yourself one cheat DAY. I think it would be better if most people are strict 5 days a week and to give themselves 2 cheat MEALS a week. I didn't know that the Biggest Loser had a new trainer.

    1. Dolvett has been on the BL for I think 4 seasons - he's a great addition to the team I think! I think the cheat days make more sense since it was explained to me but wasn't familiar with the concept before now!

  2. Replies
    1. Difficult not to be too starstruck, but he's such a nice 'smiley' guy!

  3. What a very cool opportunity for you! So exciting!
    Sheila is right. I follow a bodybuilding diet and while it is hard (the hardest part is really eating enough believe it or not) I do cheat.
    I wouldn’t if I was dieting down for a contest but what can be amazing is that you eat really clean and well throughout the week and then have pizza and beer on Friday night and you wake up leaner! It is very cool and hard for most to believe.
    Having worked with world class athletes and met many high level trainers.. I generally don’t find too many that I really agree with but I think he has a good handle on that basic approach to diet.
    Found you on Fitness Friday and I am glad that I did!


    1. Thanks Chris. I'm curious to try this method now - I always felt cheat days were for the 'weak-willed' but I've been so interested to read there's actually a bit of science behind it - I could be the newest believer!

  4. I totally got caught staring - I couldn't help myself. I'm surprised I founds words to ask a 2nd question!


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