Saturday, March 28, 2009

Change is good...apparently

Once again our lives are changing. This is our final weekend in the house and most of belongings are packed. It's sad to be going and right now it doesn't even feel that exciting to be setting off again (I know we'll be loving it again once we're gone) I've been so comfortable and cosy in the house, I've enjoying being a homemaker. From here we visit Chris's Mum in Cheltenham, then Thursday we fly to Dublin for our anniversary weekend. Then back again and 3 nights with my Mum & Dad then off to Seattle...phew..busy huh?!

Last weekend we cleared out some of our stuff at a car boot sale. SUCH fun! We had glorious weather which helps when you're sat around for 5 hours at Cheltenham racecourse and we made £85 and like I said got rid of a box or 2 of unwanted stuff! I've also squeezed in some scrapbooking the last couple of weeks. Went to a crop last weekend at Paper Arts so got a few layouts completed;This is only a year behind schedule. Photos from our trip to Amsterdam last winter we were home! Christmas Lunch in the Mills household... With Mum waking up ill on Christmas day and not making it out of bed the task of cooking lunch for 13 fell to Chris, Dad and I. We pulled it off, even if it was 3 hours late!I am not Irish, and I didn't even want to go out on the night of St Patricks Day, but Ian was visiting us and fancied a pint, and one thing led to another....We acquired St Paddys Day hats, lumnious glow sticks and a few too many pints inside. But it was a fun evening and Ian took these reputation-damaging photos on his iPhone!

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  1. Your layouts are great!

    Best of luck on your new adventure to Seattle and Happy Anniversary!


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