Saturday, May 16, 2009

Knox Mountain Hill Climb

Today we went to spectate at a popular annual event - the Knox Mountain Hill Climb. Knox Mountain is a popular park right on the edge of town full of hiking and mountain bike trails. But for the May long weekend its closed for 'regular' use and becomes Kelowna's very own speed trials track. The 2.2m paved road to the top of the mountain rises 800ft and the record is an unbelievable 1m 37s. Today we were seeing plenty of sprints around the 2 minute mark. It's crazy stuff with street legal cars to the super sporty and heavily modified. We were cheering on the mini in the main picture. It caught Chris's attention when we heard it had a motorbike engine in it. The car had been imported from the UK and been changed from right to left hand drive. And when we got to chat to the driver he was English too - just recently immigrated into Canada. Sadly he didn't have a good day - this was the first outing for the newly modified car. But thrills and action all the way for Victoria Day weekend.


  1. Hello Helen ...I am one of your fellow CE '09 attendees. Checking out blogs tonight. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Say hi on the Yahoo MB.

    You can check out my's listed in the database - Deb's Eclectic Memories

    Take a wonderful week!


  2. Helen, can't wait to meet you at CE! Love your blog and your work is phenomenal. I hope you can teach me some digi tricks!


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