Friday, May 29, 2009

Spring into Summer

Spring came late this year to the Okanagan but it's sure been beautiful! We have enjoyed our morning walks more than ever as these are the sights we see each morning! The blossom on the apple trees has gone now, and the ducklings grow each day we pass by, but it's all so wonderful and we are appreciating every moment. Just yesterday we saw 2 lots of baby birds. One set was a mother quail with a brood of chicks zipping along behind her and the other was a mother bird guarding her nest with at least 2 little heads poking out from under her. When she moved away there were still 2 un-hatched eggs in the little ground nest - so cute!
We're having a good spell of weather now (everyone is hoping that THIS is summer!) And we're enjoying getting out on the motorbike and lunches and walks by the lakeshore. And I got a new haircut which I'm loving after so many years with longer hair - it doesn't get so messed up from the helmet when out on the bike - perfect :-)
Happy Summer!

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  1. Hi there. Thanks for coming by and leaving my comment. How'd you find me? I have to confess I had to google Okanagan to see where it was -- my research told me B.C. Is that where you live?
    I love the idea that you're living your dream. Maybe I do need some life coaching too!


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