Monday, June 1, 2009


1" little chipboard squares of art for those of you who weren't so sure! I joined a swap on the Creative Escape (CE) Forum. Originally signed up to do just 2 sets, but these things are addictive! I've had fun using up scraps and playing. I've wound up with 5 sets of the 'anything goes' and 5 sets of the CE colours! Can't wait till I get all the trades back - but that won't be happening till the end of July - guess I'll need to have some patience!


  1. Those are just too cute, Helen. I just might have to sign up for the swap.

  2. Love them Helen, making me really think about it. Looking forward to meeting you at CE, from another Brit !

  3. SOOOOOO fun - I love inchies.... It was from inchies that I graduated to ATC's! I will love to see what you do with them.....(your traded ones at least) Looking forward to see what you make at CE too!!!! xo - anna

  4. first, these are GORGEOUS!
    second, i have a blog award for you on my blog!

  5. Hey Helen,
    Was just doing some blog hopping today and choose to visit some of the links on the Yahoo CE group.

    Love your inches...too cute. Makes me want to join but just don't think I have the time right now. Thanks again for the delightful RAK and the stop by at my blog.
    Have a super day!!

  6. Hi Helen - so that is what an inchie is....those a so cute ! Several years ago I think these we all the rage and we called them "squares"...whatever we call them now, YOURS ARE AWESOME !! Makes me wish I had joined the inchie group too .


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