Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rod Stewart in Kelowna

I have to say - Rod ROCKED it!!
It was a bit of a last minute decision but I'm really glad we went. When we arrived the gates hadn't even opened and already a long queue snaked its way through city park, but once we got in we positioned ourselves right up against the barrier at the front of the general admission area and settled down for a nap (gates opened at 5 and nothing happened till 6.45!). I thought nothing more of it - our position seemed reasonable was only MUCH later that evening during the concert that I looked behind us - there was just a SEA of people - and it was then I realised just what a plum spot we had!! :-)

The Kin (some Aussie band) played as support - I thought they were pretty good actually - very listenable music (often when it's not familiar music its difficult to get 'into' it I think.)

Rod strutted his stuff for 1 3/4 hours - belting out lots of his classic hits - D'ya think I'm sexy?, Maggie May, Some guys have all the luck, and during a rendition of Hot Legs he was using those 'hot legs' to kick footballs out into the crowd. It was a great, entertaining evening and the few spots of rain didn't dampen any spirirts.
(and I have to say I'm pleased as heck with this photo taken with our zoom lens!)

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