Monday, August 31, 2009

So much to share!

The last week has been incredibly busy and I'm still somewhat overwhelmed by everything that needs doing right now so I will post further on everything very soon.

But the most recent and exciting news for us...;
Last night we crossed the border into Canada (yes we'd left - confusing but thats what comes of talking about the most recent happenings first!). We are now proud owners of Work Permits valid for 2 years - we are overjoyed!! This is the first step (big step) in our dream to living in Canada. We are no longer tourists, we are legal workers (heaven forbid!!)!! And can stay and make progress on setting up our new lives here. Happy, happy people here - we've been jumping up and down doing the happy dance all day! The whole process took us a couple of hours waiting around at the border crossing whilst the immigration officers figured out what/how to do the paperwork and $300 later we drove off. It was a late night - we didn't cross into Canada until 10.30pm and drove most of the way back to Kelowna - stopping at 2.30am in the morning for our nights sleep before heading home the final stretch in the morning - and delivering Chris to WORK for his first official day! Hurrah!

So that's the big news for us - can you sense the HUGE smile on my face whilst I write this?!

In other news....I've just got back from an amazing 4 days in Arizona at Creative Escape - I will be posting more and photos later, and the weekend before we spent more awesome days on a 3 day motorbiking trip to the Kootenays - photos coming for that too!


  1. Congratulations, that's great!! I'm still waiting for a green card here in the U.S...

    Looking forward to those Kootenay photos!

  2. congrats to the new expats!!! :) happy for y'all AND super excited to hear about your creative escape!! xo - anna

  3. Helen,
    It was so much fun meeting you at Ce hope we see each other again next year!


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