Sunday, March 7, 2010

Action Barbie!

So last weekend we had a busy time! I have a dirt bike on loan from a friend so after 7 years I was back on my own 2 wheels for the first time! It's an off road bike but lucky for us we have plenty of available land immediately behind the house without having to venture onto the road. It felt great and now I definitely have the taste for more! (I think the plan will be getting me a road legal dirt bike asap!)
The afternoon we FINALLY got around to skiing! We took the trip up to Silver Star Mountain resort just outside of Vernon. We last went (but not to ski) on Christmas Eve - it's amazing how much less snow there is now - the whole area is just on a huge melt - our winter here has just been incredibly mild and distinctly lacking of snow. It was an evening ski session for the bargain price of $5 lift tickets and $10 rentals - perfect for us for our first time out in I don't know how long! And after a couple of hours the temperatures cooled down I am pretty partial to the fantastic pastries and sandwiches at Bugaboos cafe right at the edge of the slopes and a great end to an exciting and busy day! (still buzzing from the bike riding again!)
A friend of mine from Cyprus days always used to call me Action Barbie because of all the exercise and activities I did. Sadly I don't do quite the exercise I did back then (though I could do with it!) But certainly today was one of those days that Eddie would be proud of me - I certainly felt that I earned my nickname today! Woot Woot - what fun!

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