Friday, March 19, 2010

Not for my mother's eyes

My New Bike!! I picked it up this afternoon - a Honda 230 Dualsport. It's all very shiny and new looking (enjoy it while it lasts I say!). I had the daunting task of riding on the road for the first time in 7 years to get home. And let me tell you - it is NOT as warm as it looks! My previous knack of sitting on my hands to keep them warm doesn't really work out too well, I was in pain by the time I got home - you'd have thought the nerves and adrenelin would have been enough to keep me warm! Now I'm excited to get out and play more - go and explore all the wilderness around here that's only accessible by dirt trails and forest roads. okanagan,bike,honda,CRF,230L,M&M
p.s. Mum - I'll be really, really careful - love


  1. good title... I think I would have to start taking anti anxiety pills if my kids took up an interest in motor sports...... as if I'm not anxious enough with them just living day to day .. lol You are living up to your title.. ACTION BARBIE, and you look just as hot! xo! amt

  2. This is great Helen, good for you! Congrats on the new bike, can't wait to see more photos of your adventures!

  3. As if living through the skydiving phase wasn't enough to test me - now its hurtling around the wilderness on two thin wheels!!!
    Just BE CAREFUL.L of L, M&D x x x


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