Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Things today

  1. Have just eaten a whole punnet of fresh raspberries that I bought from this mornings farmers market in about 10 minutes flat (thank goodness Chris doesn't like them to have wanted to share)
  2. He would, however have wanted to share the Spicy Samosa that I also picked up and prompty scoffed for lunch
  3. Still smokey out there - darn forest fires. A sure sign of summer in the Okanagan sadly
  4. Only 50 days till I fly to Vegas for Inspiration Unlimited and get some creating time with great friends
  5. Considering cancelling the subscription to - our DVD rental plan. I mean we only subscribe to 2 rentals per month and we still don't watch them! We just don't watch TV! And I love being able to say that!
  6. Need to re-do my toe nail polish - love having painted nails for summer. Might have to buy some orange polish to match my fav summer blouse (OK so it's more orangey coral rather than the fruit! - because that would just be plain scary)
  7. Wants to use the BBQ more. But then you can't bbq salad can you, and we're eating a lot of salad at the moment
  8. Is loving running at the moment. So far so good. But the whole point of this exercise marlarky was to loose a few pounds, and I think the scales must be broken...
  9. Is fascinated that they use helicoptors to fly low over the fruit trees to dry them out after a summer downpour
  10. Wonders should I be concerned that when I recall the first 10 things on my mind right now 3 of them concern food (4 if you count the fruit on the trees)...

Happy Wednesday :-)

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  1. Hi Helen,
    Yes, deep six the movie sub. My dh and I signed up for Net Flix last year and watched one movie in 3 months. I said end it. We just don't watch movies on TV or in the theatre. We do love live music and live theatre and go to concerts and plays often. Just saw "Mary Poppins" Broadway production in D.C. last month! Looking forward to seeing you at IU.
    Aloha, Kate


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