Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project Life weeks 5 & 6

Still loving this project. I had a drama with week 5, not thinking I had enough content to pull together a double page spread so rather than finish it up on the weekend I was planning on extending my date range to include a few extra days to fill out a spread. But it's funny how things come together after all! I didn't finish it up until I was well into the next week, which wasn't ideal cause I was getting confused working on 2 weeks at the same time! But as you can see I did get a double page spread for each week after all. I also used Design D page protectors which gave me new spaces to play with. I like that it works for one week. But then of course you're committed to using the back side for the next week as well then - not always so great. Anyways....here is my week 5...
And week 6...
One thing that this project is really highlighting to me is how quickly this year is moving by! I've never counted the weeks before. It's early Feb right? - to me that sounds like we've barely kicked off the year. But when I realise that we're 6 weeks down and currently living in week 7 of this year - now that seems fast!

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  1. I love your blog - it is beautiful - your Project life layouts are great !


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