Thursday, February 2, 2012

1 down, 9 to go!

Another item on this years manifesto was to make 10 washi tape projects. It's another one of those trends thats exploded this year, and with heaps of the scrapbooking companies bringing out more and more cute designs it's hard to resist. Most of my tape came direct from Japan (a great Etsy seller with very reasonable prices)
My first project was a little home decorating. I had Chris put up this shelf above the printer, close and accessible to my desk. Nice. Functional. But a little drab!

So I decided to add a little decoration to my shelf!

This took me about 30 seconds...seriously! I just ran a strip of washi tape along the front of the shelf for a bit of added colour and decor. And the great thing about washi tape is that'll peel straight off with no stickiness left behind. So I can change out my shelf colour over and over whenever I want a change!

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