Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chevron Wall art with Washi

I had a stack of empty frames and several empty walls in our spare bedrooms, and for the longest time I've been meaning to put the two together and DO something! Preferably without spending much money.

So in came the washi tape art deco project, and with the latest trend, what else could it be but chevrons?!

First I pulled a bunch of tapes that co-ordinated well together and cut them into 4" strips. Then I pencilled the outline just a little bigger than the aperture of frame mount I was using onto a piece of card stock. I also pencilled a diagonal line to use as a guide to get things going, and then just started taping, leaving just a couple of mm gap between each strip of tape. By having the outline already on the card stock  I know how much of the card I needed to cover with washi, and not to waste too much by taping way outside of the outline. This took around 45 minutes to complete and was an easy, fun and free project. It would also look great for a card don't you think?!

This is #3 out of 10 washi tape projects that I challenged myself to make this year as part of my 2012 manifesto. See my tealights projects here and my quick shelf makeover here.

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