Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Project Life (weeks 21 & 22)

Week 21 covers the 20 - 26 May. Lots of movie watching for us this week. I rented a couple from iTunes for my journey back from LA (to watch on the new iPad of course!!), and then we had a early season trip to the drive-in theatre too - and watched Men in Black 3. It was better late than never with the plants tthis week - I finally got all the peppers, tomators and herbs planted - would've liked to have done it sooner, but time has been slipping away this spring!

and Week 22 covers 27 May to 2 June. We Started the week in Oliver for our 1/2 corked marathon. Chris sprained his ankle mid-week and then the culmination of a years work for me and the professional conference I'd been planning went off hitch-free! Busy, busy times!

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