Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project Life catch-up (weeks 19 & 20)

So it might seem like I'm behind on project life here on the blog, but after a weekend at home to myself last weekend I am completely up to date! It's just getting around to photographing them all and uploading to the interwebs! Playing catchup last weekend reminded me just how much I enjoy whiling away hours of time on being creative!! I still love this project, although I know it takes me quite a bit of time, so I don't know if it's sustainable year after year (I'd like it to be, but the way I play right now it's too involved!) Just need to try and figure that one out....!
Week 19

Week 20 covers the week 13 - 19 May. At the start of the week took the plunge and paid our deposit for our new puppy - 7 long weeks to wait until she can come home to us! Within hours of posting the news on facebook for name suggestions we settled on Meli - Greek for honey - so perfect as we married in Cyprus so a sweet Greek word is kinda significant - and of course she's going to be our honey! I jetted off to the scrapbook event 'Inspired Journey' in Los Angeles for the Canadian Long weekend - it was also perfect to stop and see my Uncle and Aunt in Orange County, and of course get some serious shopping in (got a new iPad!) and lots of great food which had to be recorded! 

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