Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Life (weeks 17 & 18)

I've slipped behind a little with my project life. Thing is with this fabulous project is that LIFE gets in the way!! I'm not stressing it, because I've been so busy but I've been missing my creative outlet.

This weekend was the culmination of more than a year's work for me; organizing a conference for 185 child care professionals. It happened. And I was incredibly happy with how it all turned out. I've organized a couple of other events - a music event for around 2000 and a smaller professional event for around 50 in the past. But this was something different again. It was a new challenge and it's been an exciting time for me. The last couple of weeks have been full of those little butterflies of 'what if's' and 'what have I forgotten?' but it really did go off without a hitch and flicking through my delegate evaluation and feedback forms people seem to have been happy. I had a moment come Saturday evening when the last of our stuff was packed up and I was making my way to my car to drive home, where my eyes may have welled up a little - this was my baby....and it had flown the nest! Back in the office on Monday morning and there's still plenty of wrap-up work to be done. But in 2 weeks time the 'project' will be shutting down and I'll be reducing my hours at the agency. It's the end of an era!!

Not content with 2 days of working around 12 hours a piece on my feet and in brain overdrive, I then decided to skip the Sunday morning much deserved lie-in and do a 10km trail run race. My first 10km trail race!! Another amazing event by the Dirty Feet people. We took part in the 5km last year but I was ready for more of a challenge. A fabulous venue through Myra Bellevue Provincial Park with view of the city and lake (not that you can spend a lot of time looking when trying to skip your way across the boulders and streams!) Chris has sprained his ankle last Wednesday. Bad. Like me back in December. It swelled up much worse than mine, but we're experts in dealing with ankle sprains in this house and we were straight on the treatments and luckily he's been walking without crutches. But my fellow trail running companion was most certainly out of action!! It was a tough course - the first half at least - I think from km 3-5km it was just straight uphill walking - it was all I could do not to stop - but I didn't. I like my downhills and was flying come the half way point. In the end I finished in 1:16. Perfectly happy with that. I was surprised just how much it took it out of me. I was utterly gimped for the rest of the afternoon and evening!

Anyway. That's life. And before all the busy busy-ness kicked in, I did do some project life pages. These are weeks 17 and 18, covering the period  April 22 to May 5th - I can't believe it - it seems so long ago - this covers Chris's birthday and a visit from his Mum!

Week 17

and Week 18
As you can see I was incredibly short of photos!! Still I did LOVE this shot of the beautiful Lake Okanagan on my run so it was also a great one of blow up nice and big. I also added in some food packaging due to the complete lack of photos!!


  1. Your PL looks wonderful. I'm a little behind too but not stressing it. I know I'll catch up!

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  2. wow..the places look great...
    Thanks for sharing.


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