Monday, November 26, 2012

Currently: November

  • Current Book - NOTHING! It just took me 3 months to read Anne Franks diary and I finished it this weekend. I'm giving myself a well deserved break - that book was enough to turn anyone off reading for a while (sorry!)
  • Current Drink - Coconut Water
  • Current Excitement - Chris's newly renovated / relaunched business 'InSpiral Coaching' with a new facebook page and website (designed by moi!) 
  • Current Favorite Blog/Website - Facebook. Only not my personal page! I'm currently social media editing for 2 different sites right now - which means I'm always on facebook flipping between pages, and updating throughout the day
  • Current Love - Supreme 90 (Actually think I might be seeing some small changes in my body - love that!)
  • Current Food - Kale - trying to appreciate all that is good about it. Sneaking it in our smoothies right now because I know it's good for me, just haven't acquired the taste for it yet!
  • Currently Pondering - should I do the Rock n' Roll Seattle Half Marathon or the Vancouver Tough Mudder next year - both on the same weekend so have to decide (and there's a deal on that you get $13 off registration if you register on the 13th of the month for the R'n'R - so I need to decide by 13th December)
  • Current Indulgence - Nutella, straight from the jar
  • Current Mood - upbeat
  • Current New Find - Bragg Liquid Aminos Seasoning - a healthy no salt, gluten free, non GMO alternative to soy sauce
  • Current Outfit - Lulu casual pants, long sleeve tees, and my Icebreaker Bliss wrap
  • Current Peeve - That stupid thing on Facebook where it keeps suggesting pages I may like at the top of my newsfeed
  • Current Song - Carly Rae Jepson 'Call me Maybe' (loving the video circulating the interwebs right now of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and the copycat version from the Troops in Afghanistan - hilarious!)
  • Current Triumph - Meal planning and 'once a week' grocery shopping = a big cost saving 
  • Current TV ShowModern Family. So we're late to the party having only just finished Season One on recommendation of friends. But loving it!
  • Current Wish-list - Lululemon capris and new scuba hoodie, Photoshop Elements v11, a juicer
  • Currently Delaying - going for a run. OK, not RIGHT now. But this seems to be a fairly recurring situation around here lately! (It's dark, it's cold, it's rainy - whine, whine!)


  1. Modern Family rocks doesn't it! And we were watching an episode last night where Manny mentioned letter writing, which reminded me!!!!! I'm so useless. Will get on it before the year ends! BTW, if you like Modern Family, you'll probably like The Middle as well. Both very funny! xXx

    1. Mmmm - have to find out about The Middle - never heard of it! (comes from not having TV anymore!

  2. I vote for Vancouver's Tough Mudder! It's great motivation to not only keep up with running but cross training and weight lifting as well. I did the Spartan Run last summer and it was a blast!

    1. 'm still not sure - I have a few more days to sit on the fence about it though!! I wonder if I do a smaller less radical obstacle/mud race as my first one....and then still do RnR Seattle?!!! Ahhhh - such a toughie to decide!!


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