Friday, November 23, 2012

My Non-Thanksgiving run

So here in Canada we are SO over thanksgiving!! It was, like, a month ago already! And since I'm English we don't celebrate a 'thanksgiving' anyway (I don't think it's because the English aren't thankful, just we don't really have a day to celebrate!)

However since most of my cyber-buddies, plus a splattering of family are down in the good ole' US of A the holiday doesn't escape unnoticed! (and our retailers readily jumped on your Black Friday sales madness) With all your turkey trotting I was utterly guilt-tripped into heading out on my own little run of thankfulness yesterday morning!

So darn it, I did. Actually my first run in, oh, eight days. I know the shock, horror of more than a week going by without lacing up my runners. But head out I did. The pup had to wait for her walk this morning coz the priority of the day was Mama's run.

And it was good. I had hoped to maintain a level of running fitness over this winter with my long runs being in the region of 10 milers. But actually I'm not sure that's going to happen.

Because what I thought about, on what turned out to be my 8-miler today was this.....

My name is Helen. And I am a seasonal runner.

There. Said it.

It's that whole post goal race, dark evenings, winter blues. For some reason, at this time of year running just isn't quite as pleasurable for me. And it should be. I know, because for the most part, in the summer months I truly do love it, and for some inexplicable reason I have no problem leaping out of bed before the sun rises.

2 winters ago, I officially 'retired' for the winter months. I spent too long feeling guilty about not going out and it started sitting heavily on my shoulders to the point that I was getting down about it forever being on my mind. Last winter I sprained my ankle so I was (conveniently?) out of action anyways.

This year.....

I'm still not completely sure what I'm going to do. I think it's important to not force it, otherwise I'd fear I'd start hating it - and I can't assume the love would return with the warmer weather.

I kind of made a deal with myself before....that I'd run till the snow came. But actually...what if the snow doesn't come?! It's not just the snow. It's the dark nights, the cold, the rain. The fact that indoors is way more cosy and frankly I should be sitting by the fire supping cocoa or something! (I know, I know first world problems right?! - I'm such a whiner!)

What I have been doing is tonnes more strength training and toning. It's indoors, it's 45 minutes, it's the convenience of being at home. I've been using the Supreme 90 set of DVDs for a couple  of years now. In the summer months, with my running taking priority I'd maybe only do 2-3 videos a week. Now I'm back to 5-7 a week - and most of the time Chris and I do them together so we encourage each other. We've got a great little set-up in the basement, and with a few new hand weights and an extra stability ball we've got quite the little gym area.

I'm loving it! I'm grateful that I am not completely wallowing in my own self pity about temporarily loosing the love of running but getting up and finding an alternative to staying fit and healthy.Already since my marathon I am looking and feeling more toned and I've slimmed down just a little - and I've got rid of a couple of extra pounds I was looking to shift all year (didn't expect to loose them with the marathon training - lots I'd read suggested that some people gain weight so I was happy to at least maintain mine)

And so there you have it. The tale of woe from this self-diagnosed Seasonal Runner.

I'm linking up to Jill's Fitness Friday


  1. The post goal race blues is tough. It hit me big time this year after I ran my 12th half marathon of 12 in 2012. I kind of felt lost. Happily it was temporary!

    Take time off during the winter blues! Find other ways to stay active that you enjoy :)

    1. Thanks Jill....though after posting that I've run twice in 3 days!! We'll see how it goes....I'm going to run if I feel like it, and stick with the videos (and some yoga) regardless! I'm planning for a couple of spring half marathons - it seems like as soon as I have a game plan I can focus - so come March (at the latest) I KNOW I'll be back on it with a vengeance!


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