Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Washi Tape Christmas Decoration

This makes me happy. This corner of our great room felt a little bare to me at this time of year - this is where we'd normally have a gorgeous 8ft Noble fir tree. But alas, this yeat it ain't happening. But what WAS happening was a little washi wonder!
Washi is so perfect for temporary decorations - it sticks well to paint but peels off easily and doesn't leave any marks!

First up I cut 3 red cardinals with my silhouette machine, along with 2 sprigs of holly and berries
I used a brown tape to roughly design a few tree branches coming out from the corner of the room. I didn't follow a plan; just kept sticking away till it looked right - and I was just tearing off strips of tape as I went - no scissors or ruler required! I wanted to make sure to have a couple of flat-ish gaps where I would position a few little red cardinals so I did keep that in mind as I went.

Then I just stuck on the birds and holly with blue-tack.

And there you have it! It fills the space perfectly and stops me feeling like there's a hole where a tree should be!

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