Friday, December 21, 2012

What makes me tough!

I'm excited to be part of such an awesome and inspiring team of women for 2013. Next year I'll be donning my Team Tough Chik running tees for some of my races. Read what makes me a Tough Chik here...
And I'm especially pumped that today I signed up and coughed up the money for my first 2013 race (it's not likely to be the first race I do in the year, just the first one I've monetarily committed to - the money bit is relevant - I normally have an incredible habit of mentally committing but procrastinating like crazy when it come to actually registering and paying!!) The first step to my 13 in 13....

So on May 26th I will be running the Abbotsford, BC 'Run for Water' 1/2 Marathon. Woo-hoo!

Linking up for Fitness Friday, and gearing up for the Christmas festivities. My fitness has already taken a major backseat for the holidays since our flight back to England on Monday - I'm just about keeping up with the holiday Squat-a-thon Challenge I'm playing along with this month (so dedicated I even did 90 squats in an airplane toilet on Sunday evening somewhere above the Atlantic ocean!) but apart from that.....I forgot how wild, windy and wet the UK was so haven't ventured out for a hike, let alone a run....maybe tomorrow ;-)

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