Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currently: February

  • Current Book - Eat & Run by Scott Jurek
  • Current Drink - Fresh Vegetable & Fruit juice
  • Current Excitement - I have a beautiful new niece - my Baby Bro' is a Daddy!
  • Current fashion trend - How late am I to the bright jeans trend? Emerald Green - yes please!
  • Current Favorite Blog/Website - Netflix - we're finding so much great stuff and are only in our second month of subscription - streaming is working a charm - Love it!
  • Current Garden Item - a few fresh green spring shoots on the rose bushes
  • Current FoodPrana Organic Medjool Dates
  • Current Indulgence - 11% MF Greek Yogurt - oh my gosh its so good
  • Currently Pondering - why I find it so challenging to complete this list!! 
  • Current New Find - It's not that it's a new discovery - I knew about it, but the P90X DVDs are in the house 'new to us!'. It will be great to have some new workout DVDs
  • Current Outfit - Anything with a relaxed waistband...Nuff said.
  • Current Peeve - Meli keeps rooting in my study garbage bin to fetch out the toy stuffing that I threw away after she shredded her toy. And it keeps getting strewn across the floor. Over and over again. (But I can't help smirk at her face when I show it to her. She KNOWS she's done wrong!)
  • Current Triumph - Scoring door prizes worth more than entry fee at the Snowshoe race on the weekend - I won a very cozy DaKine toque to add to my collection
  • Current TV Show - House of Cards with Kevin Spacey on Netflix
  • Current Wish-List - These boots (I actually have a pair already in tan and they are the best, most comfy boots ever which I live in during the winter - and now I want the black ones!)
  • Currently Delaying - Starting my running training again

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