Sunday, February 10, 2013

Menu Planning

Not sure where this last week went. Both hubby and I were still feeling slightly off par, so meals that were planned for last week were postponed and instead we rustled up freezer meals and stuff from the pantry to avoid the 'trauma' of grocery shopping (it's a trauma when you're feeling ill!!)
Anyway....3 of our meals got carried forward to this week. With our new CSA-style deliveries I've decided to switch our shopping day to late in the week and so too our Menu Planning week start. This week we shopped Thursday.
I went to Bulk Barn for the first time. On the way home from skiing Thursday we passed by and I dragged hubby in for a browse. Oh my, what a fun place!! Not so good with the organics range, but to be fair I haven't fully transitioned to that yet so still plenty of things I buy as a norm - baking power, goji berries, arborio rice, oats, xylitol plus organic dried peaches & quinoa. They also had a good range of supplements and super-foods and other stuff (Maca, Camu Camu, Cacao etc) What was dangerous was the discovery of a little, wee English shoppe section (because the cutesy in us all spells it with an E on the end for some inexplicable reason?!). But Ty-phoo teabags (decaf aswell no less!), Yorkie bars, Cadbury's twirls, Hob-nobs, Treacle pudding, pickled onions - actually NOTHING that is remotely healthy now I come to think of it!!) but a little shout-out to our motherland nevertheless!

Meal Plans for this week are fairly easy meals for us - I'm working longer hours for the next few weeks so I'm simplifying things as much as possible with familiar meals and meals that are Chris's speciality rather than mine!
My hubby blogged about Menu Planning benefits over on his new blog HERE. I then guest-posted for him with a follow-up article about HOW we meal plan here. Would love for you to go visit him/us over there with a little blog love! (he's a new blogger so be nice!!)

Once again I'm linking up with Laura & Jill for their Meal Planning challenge.


  1. Skiing and a stop at what sounds like a great place. What a fun trip.

  2. I love bulk stores! I could spend so much time browsing all the options. Hope you have a much healthier week!

    1. Thanks! It's amazing really how you can rustle together a healthy meal when the alternative is grocery shopping when ill!!


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